Whale Port Cover and Spread

Whale Port is an illustrated history of the fictional whaling port of Tuckanucket. Through the Taber family, the story follows the development of the port from the beginning of European settlement and shore whaling in the 17th century, through the peak of the whaling city and whaling in the 1840s, to the rebirth of the city and whale watches today.

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“...a wonderfully detailed and elegantly thought-out recreation of the historical life of a New England whaling village.”
—Nathaniel Philbrick, award-winning author
of In The Heart of the Sea and Mayflower

"The Fosters... have elegantly synthesized a tremendous amount of information into a beguiling format."
—Starred Review, The Horn Book

"...the kind of history book that I really love. There is a lot of information here but Foster shares it in a personal way that is found in the best kind of adult historic fiction. ... should be considered a reference for anyone – of any age – interested in America's whaling history."
—Colleen Mondor, Eclectica Magazine

"...reminiscent of David Macaulay and Arthur Geisert's best work... fascinating reading... this may be the most interesting work on the subject to date."
Kirkus Reviews

"We love it"
—Ben Simons, curator, Nantucket Whaling Museum

"...visually engrossing... immerses the reader... an important piece of American history seen anew through a clever layout and a narrative scope that spans generations."
—Staff picks, Baker Books, Dartmouth